I would like to kick off this website with a thanks from my brother Taite and I for joining up and becoming a part of the HTO community.

Back in the 1980’s I was at a Holiday Inn hotel in Brooksville, Florida visiting my grandparents.  I met another kid at the hotel who had a Tamiya Grasshopper with a Mabuchi 540 motor in it.  Man, that thing could fly on the putt-putt golf course at Mach speed.  From there my passion for RC cars started.

In 1990 I owned the streets with my RC skills and was the local lawnmower kid.  Long story short, I saved my first $150.00 and bought a Team Associated Dirt Oval Car with a carbon fiber chassis.  I took it to my local RC track showing up with my 15-minute charger and two batteries in hand.  I walked away with a first-place trophy and a gift certificate for $50 from the Sunshine Speedway in Clearwater, Florida.  From there my passion for anything hobby related grew.  I had gone from Team Associated Dirt Oval Racing to Off Road Dirt Track Racing.  While stationed in Japan with the Marine Corps, I started racing Kyosho Super Tens in 1995 with the Japanese locals and from then I have always had the RC bug.

When I got out of the military I continued to race at the local tracks in Naples, Florida.  Later, my brother got me into Hot Wheels collecting and I enjoyed the thrill of the hunt to find all the latest cars that hit the shelves.  Sometimes I’d get lucky and would be at the right place at the right time when the store workers brought out the new cases of cars and I got to have first pick before anyone else.  

In 2000, I moved to Australia and sold all my Hot Wheels Cars but still had the RC bug.  I would travel to East Timor from Perth, Australia for work.  When I started working in East Timor I was able to take all my RC cars with me including my Kyosho Helicopter, Traxxas T Max, Team Associated Truck, and a couple other RC Cars that kept me busy on my off-duty time away from work.

I have owned many different RC vehicles over the years; Traxxas Spartan Boat, Traxxas Slash that could clear the top of the house using a quarter pipe ramp, a Traxxas X-01 that I can verify does a 100 mph, a Traxxas Summit with a castle creations setup so fast it ripped through the MIP diffs.  I’ve raced in many events, collected numerous Hot Wheels cars, assembled Tamiya RC rigs and airplane models.  It seems that around every corner is another hobby I want to get into.

My brother (retired US Air Force) is an avid Hot Wheels collector like me and we are part of a tight knit community of Hot Wheels collectors.

Saying all this leads my brother and I to start hobbytradersonline.com.  We would like this site to be “the” site where hobby enthusiasts come for buying, selling, getting ideas, sharing ideas and opening up other’s imagination to the plethora of different hobbies there are to choose from.

Our blog enables hobby enthusiasts to post photos of current projects, past projects, your favorite piece of work, ideas, questions, and everything hobby related.

Hobby Traders Online strives to be the #1 online hobby enthusiast’s forum. We are here to bring the hobby community together from around the world to one centralized location where everyone can share no matter what their hobby passion is.


The HTO Team

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