Listing New Products


Thank you for choosing Hobby Traders Online to post your products for sale.

Please find below instructions on how to successfully list your products for sale on HTO.

There is also a video on how to post products. If you click on the help tab in the upper right hand screen on the product listing page, it will drop down to video tutorials.

All products listed on Hobby Traders Online are in USD.

  • On the homepage, place your mouse over Market Tools and the dropdown of Market Dashboard will open. Click on “Market Dashboard”
  • The HTO Marketplace Dashboard will open up, then click on “Add new product”
  • On the right hand side of the screen half way down, you will see a box “product categories”, select the product category that you are going to list.
  • In the middles of the screen is “product data” this is where you insert the price of the item you are selling. Insert the price into the regular price box.
  • If you plan on placing your item on sale from it’s normally listed price, than you would tick set specific dates and then a calendar will open up under the box, there you can set the specific sale dates.


  • If you only have one item to sell, the click on the inventory tab and tick the sold individually box. When the item is sold, this will appear in your marketplace on your item until you remove it from the system.

Product Images

  • If you are listing just one product than you would do all of the above and then click on “product image” on the right hand side of the page. A box will open up and you will have the option to load an image.
  • If you have one listing with multiple images, than you would load up the first image as per above and then select “product gallery” to load up the rest of the images.

List The Product

  • Once your item has been categorized, priced in your countries currency, images added, it is now time to add the description of the item you are selling.
  • Place the title of the item you are selling in “Product Description”  at the top of the add new product page and a description of the item at bottom of the page in “Product Short Description”
  • Once this is complete you can list the product by pushing the red button on the right of the page that says “publish”.
  • Please note that newly listed items will have a “New” sticker placed on them for 3 days.
  • A sale item will have a “sale” sticker placed on the item for the duration that you have itemized in the calendar for the sale.

Shipping Fees

Depending on what country you live in, you will want the buyer to see a default shipping fee for each product you have for sale. In order to place a shipping fee for your products, either domestic/ national or international. Please follow the below.

  • After signing into your profile, you will have to select Market Tools the click on Settings and then click Shipping and place your shipping price in the available default shipping boxes and click save at the bottom of the page.

If you have any question on how the system works, please feel free to email: [email protected]

Thank You Again for choosing Hobby Traders Online.


The HTO Team