Marketplace Seller Terms

Thank you for choosing Hobby Traders Online to open a Marketplace. Please find below some rules that we have to follow.

HTO Guidelines:

Hobby Traders Online provides an open forum where hobby enthusiasts from around the world can come to buy, sell, get ideas, and share ideas all while opening up other’s imagination to the plethora of different hobbies there are to choose from.

Hobby Traders Online offers a venue where members can sell collectible/hobby items within the HTO website by opening up their own marketplace for a small commission fee of 3.5%.  See:

Seller Tools:

  • The member has control of their own profile.
  • The member can manage their listings (post or delete) as required.
  • The member has full control over the final sale to their customers.
  • The member can view their orders and report on sales performance.

Individual sellers can benefit by opening an HTO marketplace ensuring their items are always viewable.

HTO is a marketplace that is open 24/7 and never closes.

Members need to ensure they treat each other with respect.  This means that conducting bad deals will not be tolerated on this site.  If you experience a bad transaction with someone who is a buyer or seller, please bring to the attention of the site owners at [email protected] and we will do our best to remedy the issue.  Also, there will not be any of the typical drama that you find on other sites especially badgering someone about the prices of their items.  What you see is what you pay unless you and the buyer/seller agree to different terms.

Members are encouraged to invite others to the website and to spread the news about HTO.  We understand that there are several sites out there who buy, trade, and sell collectibles/hobbies but we strive to be the one-stop spot for all things and information on collectibles and hobby related items.

We are always open to improvements and our valued member’s ideas.

At Hobby Traders Online, we take maintaining a safe trading environment serious and strive to make the buyers, sellers, and marketplace owners feel welcome, comfortable and confident in the people they are dealing with.  However, there are risks when buying or selling online and when using our site, including possibly dealing with underage or fraudulent people.

When buying or selling within Hobby Traders Online, you will not hold Hobby Traders Online responsible for the final sale of any items bought or sold on Hobby Traders Online.

When posting items on Hobby Traders Online, you grant us non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free, right to exercise the use to publish your content on any of our other advertising methods within Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and any other methods we may choose.

In order to sell anything on Hobby Traders Online, you must be 18 years of age or older.

There are certain items that are banned and not to be sold on Hobby Traders Online which include the following:

  • Items that promote violence or hatred
  • Dangerous Items including firearms, BB Guns, knives and any other weapon that could maim or kill.
  • Tobacco and tobacco paraphernalia of all kinds
  • E Cigarettes and there components
  • Alcohol of all kinds
  • Drugs of all kinds
  • Drug Paraphernalia of all kinds
  • Medical Prescription Drugs of all kinds
  • Animal products of all kinds
  • Pornographic Material of all kinds
  • Adult toys of all nature and all kinds
  • Hazardous Materials such as toxic substances, radioactive’s or poisons
  • Explosive materials and items to construct explosives
  • Flammable Liquids

Hobby Traders Online will remove any items from the marketplaces that we think falls into the above categories.

After the removal of the item, we will then contact the marketplace owner informing them of the removal of the item and the reason for why the item was removed.

Hobby Traders Online has the right to delete any market that we see promotes or sells any of the current banned items.

Hobby Traders Online will update the list of banned items from to time and will strive to inform all marketplace owners of the updates and changes.

The only payment services available on this site are Stripe or PayPal.  Personal checks, money orders, or cash are not allowed as forms of payment for goods.  Stripe and PayPal are secure payment services and protect the buyer and seller in the event that something goes wrong with a transaction.

HTO Fees Structure:

There are two main fees that the seller will incur, an HTO sales fee and a payment processing fee. Please note that all payments are in USD.

HTO’s Sales Fees:

HTO charges 3.5% on each sale based on the items price. HTO does not charge the 3.5% on any taxes nor shipping fees.

Payment Processing Fee:

Payment processing fees will vary depending on the country, we use Paypal and Stripe to securely process all payments.

Paypal has their own fees that they charge and will vary depending on the amount spent. Please refer to their website for additional information:

Stripe has their own fees that they charge and will vary depending on the amount spent. Please refer to their website for additional information:

Listing Fees:

We currently do not charge a listing fee.

All payments owing will be processed through one of our to payment processing systems immediately.

HTO holds the right to amend the Fee Structure but will give all marketplace holders 30 days notice prior to any change.


Hobby Traders Online does not provide a shipping service.

Sellers (Marketplace Owners) are responsible for shipping their sold items to the buyers. The seller is to ensure that the items are packaged properly to prevent any damage during transit to the buyer. The seller has the responsibility to ensure the buyer receives all goods within 30 days of the purchase.

The seller “will” comply with all local and international shipping and customs regulations.

The seller is to provide the buyer with updated information.

In the event that the buyer does not receive the goods from the seller. The seller is to provide a valid proof of shipping. The valid proof of shipping must show:

  • The name of the person the item was being shipped to
  • The address that the item was shipped to
  • The date the item was shipped

If a buyer receives their goods in an unsatisfactory condition and the packaging is poor, please contact Hobby Traders Online at [email protected]

Feedback between buyers and sellers is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the HTO Team…


The HTO Team