Seller Fees

HTO Fees Structure:

There are two main fees that the seller will incur, an HTO sales fee and a payment processing fee. Please note that all payments are in USD.

HTO’s Sales Fees:

HTO charges 3.5% on each sale based on the items price. HTO does not charge the 3.5% on any taxes nor shipping fees.

Payment Processing Fee:

Payment processing fees will vary depending on the country, we use Paypal  to securely process all payments.

Paypal has their own fees that they charge and will vary depending on the amount spent. Please refer to their website for additional information:

Listing Fees:

We currently do not charge a listing fee.

All payments owing will be processed through one of our to payment processing systems immediately.

HTO holds the right to amend the Fee Structure but will give all marketplace holders 30 days notice prior to any change.


The HTO Team

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