HTO Guidelines

Hobby Traders Online provides an open forum where hobby enthusiasts from around the world can come to buy, sell, get ideas, and share ideas all while opening up other’s imagination to the plethora of different hobbies there are to choose from.

Hobby Traders Online offers a venue where members can sell collectible/hobby items within the HTO website by opening up their own marketplace for FREE.  See: https://hobbytradersonline.com/seller-fees

Seller Tools:

  • The member has control of their own profile.
  • The member can manage their listings (post or delete) as required.
  • The member has full control over the final sale to their customers.
  • The member can view their orders and report on sales performance.

Individual sellers can benefit by opening an HTO marketplace ensuring their items are always viewable.

HTO is a marketplace that is open 24/7 and never closes.

Members need to ensure they treat each other with respect.  This means that conducting bad deals will not be tolerated on this site.  If you experience a bad transaction with someone who is a buyer or seller, please bring to the attention of the site owners at [email protected] and we will do our best to remedy the issue.  Also, there will not be any of the typical drama that you find on other sites especially badgering someone about the prices of their items.  What you see is what you pay unless you and the buyer/seller agree to different terms.

Members are encouraged to invite others to the website and to spread the news about HTO.  We understand that there are several sites out there who buy, trade, and sell collectibles/hobbies but we strive to be the one-stop spot for all things and information on collectibles and hobby related items.

We are always open to improvements and our valued member’s ideas.


The HTO Team

“Connecting Hobby Enthusiasts Anytime Anywhere”